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Specialization, Care and Punctuality.

Located in Sarkad – Hungary in the area called "Viharsarok”, with a factory shed of 6000 square metres in a property plant of 4,2 hectares, UNIT C&C KFT has been producing zipper since 2002.
Our production includes all kinds of zipper: nylon, plastic and metal ones in every measures and in several colours; UNIT C&C KFT , through a modern organization of the manufacturing processes, integrates creativity with care and punctuality.
UNIT C&C Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kft H-6720 SZEGED, Kiss Ernő u. 5. Hungary / Magyarország
Tel: +36-66/572-190 - Fax: +36-66/572-180 - E-mail unitcc@globonet.hu - Adószám: 12529023-2-06 - Cégjegyzékszám: 06-09-007046